Basketball Wien will be broadcasted for the first time in nearly all games and side events. Meaning you can watch the games via Solidsport, on the channel solidsport.com/basketball-wien  

There you will find all our broadcasted games, live and on replay.

For just 3€ you can get access to the game of your team or to the amazing contest you wanna watch.

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Tournament 2022

The corona numbers are very dynamic in Austria, as in all other European countries. We have drawn up a comprehensive safety and prevention concept for the event, which will of course be implemented.

Key facts are:

  • Appropriate signage and posters of the most important measures.
  • FFP2 Mask requirement indoors, except when practicing sports
  • Mandatory 3G proof (Vaccinated, recovered, tested) in all sports halls and schools
  • Game halls: only the teams scheduled for the next games are admitted. The cloakrooms are explicitly marked for the fields and supervisory staff will ensure that they are allocated in an orderly manner.
  • Accommodation: each team has its own class, regardless of the size of the delegation
  • Hygiene measures: disinfectant stands at the entrances and in the sanitary facilities

The tournament will definitely be held - always in consultation with the authorities – our staff is working flat out on the final preparations.

However, there will be no neuralgic side events such as the opening ceremony, the slam dunk contest and the tournament disco this year. For this we will focus more on the safe and professional execution of the games, smaller side events and showing the teams our beautiful city.

To compensate for the lack of the opportunity to be there as a spectator in the hall, this year we are offering a live stream of all the games in the tournament. More information will be available shortly!

We are looking forward to a few exciting days, rich of basketball, with you!