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Upcoming tournament

Dates Basketball Wien

Basketball Wien 2018
MondayMarch 26th 2018
TuesdayMarch 27th 2018
WednesdayMarch 28th 2018
ThursdayMarch 29th 2018
FridayMarch 30th 2018
SaturdayMarch 31st 2018


Registration deadline for teams January 31st, 2018
Deadline for withdrawal of teams February 22nd, 2018
Deadline for changes free of charge March 1st, 2018

  • The registration applies as effected only with payment of the registration fees!
  • For changes (changing the age group, changing the number of teams) after March 1st, 2018 an additional handling fee of EURO 50,00 will be charged.
  • If you cancel your participation after February 22nd, 2018 the registration fee forfeits.

Arrival/ Check-in

Immediately upon your arrival in Vienna the group leader has to report at the tournament office! There they will receive the guest card for each participant, which must be shown at the accommodation school, in the catering halls and serves as your ticket for Vienna.

At our INFOPOINT in the main tournament hall we will give each team leader:

For all participants:

  1. An event booklet with all the information (accommodation schools, venues, programs, rules, groups, ...)
  2. A map of Vienna, where all tournament fields are marked

For coaches:

  1. Some information material about Vienna
  2. A schedule with all play dates
  3. A coach present
  4. Some small sheets (to record players and stick it on to the official game sheet)

Tentative program

Of course the games in 14 different age groups and the competition are in the focus of the tournament. Games start on Tuesday and will be played on 40 playgrounds all over Vienna. But beside the tournament there are also many events and other offers such as sightseeing tours or our tournament disco. Some side events require a registration either at the info point or at the tournament office. Please see the program folder for further details!


Arrival and opening ceremony

From 7:00 a.m. the teams can check-in at our tournament office. From 1:00 p.m. the lodging schools will be open as well and the participants can explore their rooms, the school and the city of Vienna.

At 8 p.m. we celebrate our opening ceremony, where all the nations present themselves. The flag ceremony and of course the music & light shows are a must, too.
After the opening ceremony we ask all coaches and referees to join our "TECHNICAL MEETING" in hall E. We will explain special tournament rules, the game mode and answer your questions there.

We're also happy to greet the heads of the delegation (personal invitation) with a welcome drink at our new coach lounge.

A good start for a great tournament week for everyone!


Start of the games

It’s on - kick-off! At 9 a.m. the games for 14 age groups start on approx. 40 playgrounds all over Vienna at the same time. About 300 games are played on this first day, officiated by approx. 100 international referees and 200 table officials.

Furthermore we have 150 other staff members taking care of a splendid flow from breakfast to the very last moment of the day.



Of course the games continue today! Ages, where there are many team entries, play an extra qualifying round and only after that group or play-off games. All teams each age group will be divided into 4-or 5 Series groups and play in the first two days of the tournament, a qualifying round (3 or 4 group matches per team).

City tours

Today we start our free city tours for participants! For two hours we show our beautiful city to the interested kids and parents - from Belvedere to Prater, from Schönbrunn to Burgtheater. German and English.


Mini kids relay

6pm - Stadthalle Hall B
Today it’s our youngsters turn!
At 6pm the teams of the age categories U12 and U13 compete in a slalom course and demonstrate that they can handle the basketball fabulously off the playground, too! Who wins the Cup for his team?


All teams that reach the first or the second place in their group (in some age groups also best of third-placed teams - BO3rd) will be put together in a class „high“ in groups of three teams. The teams play against each other (max 2 games on the third day).

All teams that did not achieve the class „high“(places 3, 4, 5 of the qualification round) will continue to play in a class „low“ with games on the 3rd and the 4th day. There won’t be an extra play-off round in class "low".

Mixed Free Throws

7pm - Stadthalle Hall B
On that day, the age groups U14-U16 show their ability in Free Throws. In mixed teams girls and boys compete together to demonstrate that they can place as many free throws as possible in 90 seconds.
A faster, more exciting event with lots of music and a big fun factor!


The team that reaches place 1 (winner of the group) will continue to the play-offs on the 4th day. The final game will be played on the 5th day.

Final games
Some finals take place today. Before and after the Slam Dunk Contest, the hall is exactly in the right mood to get the players to top performances!

Kickz.com Slam Dunk contest

7pm - Stadthalle hall B
Today, the special event for the eldest participants takes place. The sportiest show- talents show their skills in dunking. Good music, spectacular tricks, good mood and the hall is really quaking! In the past the majority of slam dunk winners came from Germany, but the international competition becomes stronger! So, who will be successful this time?

Tournament disco

10pm Stadthalle hall E
In the evening - after the Slam Dunk Contest - we celebrate our last night! Doors open at 10pm! Hall E is transformed into a tournament disco and FII - our DJ – shows his best with really good sound! So, get ready and DANCE! Pls bring your guest cards! Ban on alcohol!


Final games

8am - Stadthalle hall A & B
Just keep your head in the game! The finals are played today. One more battle, one more game – show us what you’ve got! In the end everyone wants to win the Cup, don’t you think?

The last game will start at 12.45pm most likely.


And yet it's time to say goodbye again. Schools close at 10am. Teams departing later may store their luggage in the main tournament hall until 3:00 pm.

Tournament Office

The tournament office is open daily from 7 a.m. during the tournament period and centrally located at the main tournament site.

"Wiener Stadthalle"
Vogelweidplatz 14
1150 Vienna

Security procedures

As security procedures at big events have become an increasingly important topic, the management team of our Easter tournament Basketball Wien Osterturnier, has decided to make small, but effective changes in terms of organization and the course of the event.

The following applies to Viennese teams as well!

  1. All players, coaches and accompanying people have to register at the tournament’s office by bringing a residential registration form (name, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, team name). The residential registration forms can either be brought along to the check-in, or it can be emailed to us beforehand.

  2. In accordance with this residential registration form, EACH tournament participant will receive a tournament pass, which they can use to get entrance to all tournament venues.

  3. Visitors/ Spectators can register at all times in the tournament office. You will receive a free tournament pass there.

This tournament pass will be available in different types and will give you entry to all tournament venues, which means all courts, accommodation schools, and also the main tournament venue at Wiener Stadthalle. Furthermore, the tournament pass contains – depending on the services you will book – a free sight-seeing tour, lodging (breakfast, lunch and dinner), a transport ticket for public transport and a tournament map.

So far, we have offered the following versions of our tournament pass: deluxe, regular and light. From 2017 onwards, there will be another modification called “PURE”. The pass “PURE” will be given to those, who have not claimed any services like accommodation or catering, and will be used as proof of identification of being a tournament participant. Because of this, we would like to ask you to plan some time ahead at check-in already to pick up your tournament passes.