Rules: Age groups

Age groups 2022

Year of birth
U24born 1998 or laterWU24/MU24
U20born 2002 or laterWU20/MU20
U18born 2004 or laterWU18/MU18
U16born 2006 or laterWU16/MU16
U14born 2008 or laterWU14/MU14
U13born 2009 or laterWU13/MU13
U12born 2010 or laterWU12/MU12

Proof of age

Each player has to have a photo ID to verify his/her age (no copies or fax!). For Austrian citizens only, this can also be the official roster signed from the national association or their passport or driving license. All non-Austrian citizens have to provide a valid passport or identity card.

Other national association licenses will not be accepted. 

Within the qualifying rounds, the gym supervisors can request to see the IDs of all players. Please hand them over until the game is finished.

From the play-offs onwards, you absolutely MUST hand over your ID to the supervisor prior to the game.  

Players that cannot prove their age with a legal document are not eligible to play.

If a participant plays nonetheless (that is to say without legal documentation of age), the game will not be taken into account for ranking.

Each player is only allowed to play in one team per age group.